My Apres Trail bag

Even if I miss one shower, I have pretty heinous BO.  That’s just during the work week.  Take me on a trip and add in a lot of physical exertion, weight on my back, and wear the same clothes everyday and I’m Pigpen.


On my way back into town from wherever I just backpacked I always like to get breakfast or lunch.  I also don’t want to be refused service in said establishments.  So for my Apres Trail activities I pack an Apres Trail Bag.


It’s actually the first thing I pack for a trip (except overnighters).  I get my little REI daypack and throw in clean underwear, socks, pants, street shoes and a weather appropriate shirt.  Most importantly I throw in a travel stick of deodorant.  It feels pretty amazing to peel off all that filth and put on something clean for the drive home.  Topping it off with a layer of deodorant adds a fresh scent mixed in with the pungent BO.

I can’t actually smell myself either way at that point but I’m doing it for YOU.  Just like how I bring earplugs for others due to my snoring.  Now I’m ready to eat and drink in public on the way home without people passing out from the smell.

That being said, it shouldn’t be an issue at all.  We should be allowed to stink and be human.


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