A Beautiful Day in Baja

We got lucky today in two ways.

First off, for a country that grows a lot of coffee, the coffee in restaurants is basically shitty diner coffee in Mexico.  Think Waffle House 1997 coffee.  Like coffee flavored water.  Its not strong, at all.  I found that I was having to drink at least three cups of this shit on top of my huevos divorciados every day.  That only kept me from having excruciating withdrawal.  I never got that “pep” in my step like I do from something that doesn’t taste like warmed up gutter water.

When we were camping, I was saved by Via, a last minute splurge at the grocery store before we left the States.  On that pre-trip grocery run, I seriously contemplated Tasters Choice instant packets to “save money”.  What a disaster that would’ve been.

However, we weren’t camping now and got back in town, ready to get up and drink shitty coffee again.  This time, we found a gem in the rough.  A little arty looking coffee shop.  Inside were all the trappings of what I need for my brain to properly function.  You could smell the magic.

When we were getting our morning coffee, the owner of the shop started talking to my girlfriend, asking about what kinda stuff we were doing while we were in town.  I haven’t had my coffee yet so I went and sat down, waiting to feel even again.    She then told my girlfriend about a “locals beach”.

Apparently this beach is on a giant piece of land, bought by a Chinese developer, who luckily hasn’t done anything with it.  Lets hope that developer forgets about it.  The coffee shop owner gave us some adequate directions and we were on our way.  The road wasn’t on maps that I could find and wound through beautiful desert.  The last bit was a sand track.

We had the whole thing to ourselves, save for a fish camp at one end, and eventually a family at the other.  Before us was a huge beach, big reef, and plenty of snorkeling to have.

I love snorkeling, and I certainly got my fill here.  Fish everywhere, and I even saw an eel.  I was able to dive down around 20 feet deep and check out rock features, coral, and tons of fish before shooting up to the surface for air.

I snorkeled for so long I ended up puking a good 150 yards offshore in the water.  That’s hard to do.  Try sitting there on the surface, dry heaving in the water trying not to inhale seawater and puke more.  It sucked big  time as my clif bar was sent out to sea.  I decided it was time to come in.

Except I came back the wrong way through the reef and got stuck on a shallow part.  Not good, cause the reef is basically a cheese grater and you’re the cheese.  Like a baby bell soft cheese thing, but no protective wax.  So, on the verge of puking, and tired, I had to haul back out to deeper water and go around the reef and get back to shore.  No blood no foul.


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