Online Resources for Hiking and Backpacking in Sierra de la Laguna in Baja California Sur

In many trips to Baja California, I’ve stayed away from hiking or backpacking in the mountains due to a lack of resources.  I got lost trying to find one trailhead and said fuck it.  Instead I stick to snorkeling in Baja.  However, as a result of a reddit conversation, reddit user “user414” found some excellent resources that are worth posting in one place here.

This is obviously just a start.  As I find more resources I’ll add them to this list.  If you happened to wander to this blog and have better info, please leave a comment for everyone to see.

This link  below is to a birding blog that gives great driving directions to the La Laguna hike, starting in Todos Santos, BCS to the trailhead in La Burrera:

Birds of Passage Blog (english)

Here are driving directions to the above hike on google maps, be sure to double check:

Driving directions on google maps

Another link was found for what appears to be a different route to La Laguna.  This website appears to have several other hikes in BCS.


WIKILOC.COM (spanish)

By far the best resource, albeit totally in Spanish is for this complete guide to Sierra de la Laguna by CONANP.  CONANP seems roughly equivalent to the NPS in the US.  If you cannot read Spanish, just copy and paste the text into google translator.

Official Maps and Guide for Sierra de la Laguna (spanish)

Official Mexican Government Topos for Baja California Sur




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