Test Run of my Upgraded Dirtbag Pulk at Trillium Lake

Due to protesting fascism and other obligations, I haven’t been able to get out as much in the New Year as I would’ve hoped for.  However, this weekend I finally got the chance to take my new upgraded pulk out for a spin.  I introduced another friend of mine to the wonders of snow camping this past weekend at Trillium Lake near Mt Hood.  This is an excellent place to give snow camping a shot if you’ve never done it.


I didn’t think there would be that big of a difference, but this new pulk is a nice improvement from the shitty Home Depot kids sled I had been using.  It’s bigger, so it is much easier to distribute the weight more effectively.  I put the heavy, dense firewood all the way in the back, then the beer/water in the middle, and any other odds and ends in front of that.   Even up hills with a ton of weight, it seemed easier to pull than my last sled.  It is also significantly more stable, my last pulk would tip all the time on the trail.


The trail was mostly bootpacked so we threw our snowshoes on top as well.  I had no need to use the aluminum fins I purchased because we didn’t need them for this terrain.  I can’t say how great this would be on the trail, as we were mostly on a well-trodden FS road the whole time.  I think it’ll perform really well though.  More to come on how it performs on trails, hopefully I can get out again before the spring thaw starts in earnest.


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