Cerritos Beach: Baja’s newest retirement home

This post was written to help you.

I first went to Cerritos a few years back.  I stayed at a nearby surf camp and had the time of my life.  Just a few years ago, this beach was awesome.  There were only a few developments, which people were pretty pissed about already.  However, it was a great beach to go surf and chill at.  Times change fast however.

Last year, I went again, hoping to recreate the magic I experienced in the area the year before.  There were shitloads of more dumb developments and a large collection of the types of people you would normally want to punch in the Los Cabos airport.

We were staying a bit north of this beach, and on a whim we decided to go.  What a mistake that was, Jesus.

I felt like I was on the set of Cocoon.  Except no Wilford Brimley.  Just lots of baby boomer/elderly versions of the shitheads you see in Cabo San Lucas.   To top it off, we were entertained by a lounge singer.  Like the kind that speaks to people in the crowd between singing her lines.  The food was horrible and horribly expensive.  Waitstaff were assholes.  It was like being on a Princess Cruise to their hell.

It doesn’t have to be your hell, even if you’re staying in the area.  We left in a hurry.  Seriously, do not go to Cerritos beach.  Ask around in town, or better  yet look on maps for other close beaches that won’t remind you of  a sick nightmare.



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  1. Ha I remember first going in 2000, there was nothing there except a lady also from Oregon with a surf shop she ran out of her travel trailer. It was just a place to camp for free for us dirt bags… I went back in 2020 and fondly looked up the canyon we used for a bathroom…lnt of course


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