Tip of the Year: Buy Good Shoes in Bulk (and also a .douchepacker. update)

I’ve written before about struggling with Plantar Fasciitis some years back.  It’s an excruciating, degenerative condition that will come back periodically and can get worse over the course of your life.  Although my doctors said differently, it seems to be difficult to treat.  Each person I know that has had it has to experiment with different treatments and footwear to finally find what works for them.

For me, Adidas Terrex Fast X were a game changer.  I didn’t have to wear any arch supports or use Superfeet any longer.  I could hike longer distances more comfortably and had significantly less fatigue.  These shoes have incredibly stiff soles which helped me tremendously, almost boot stiff.

When you find a good shoe that works really well for you, buy several if you can.  I’m on my second pair of these Adidas I love, which I had great difficulty finding even online.  Adidas foolishly stopped making them.  This past week I happened to find a random outdoor store in MN that had these shoes and I promptly scooped up two more pair.  That should last me into my early 40’s (gasp).

Corporations have a bad habit of discontinuing good things and the production of gear is no exception.  Some tried and true products stay on the market year after year, while others are stupidly discontinued so some middle/upper manager can make it look like they’re implementing “changes” and doing their job.  The saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is lost on these worthless corporate souls.  In America, we’d prefer to find solutions for problems that don’t exist, and let real problems fester until its unbearable.  I’m aware that this paragraph escalated quickly but its a reasonable point imo.

Anyhow, I haven’t been posting as much for a few reasons.  We were lucky enough to buy a home last December which was quite a process in and of itself.  After 3 months of searching and two accepted offers falling through (total dumps) we got what is turning out to be a pretty rad house in a good location.  However, our house inspector was a lazy son of a bitch, so I’ve had to fix all kinds of shit my damn self since we’ve moved in.  These are things we could have easily negotiated for with the seller, but our inspector was straight up lazy as fuck.  I could have a whole other blog based on that.  Dealing with that kind of bullshit combined with the realities of owning a home really cut into my free time so far in 2018, plus mowing the lawn and all sorts of dumb house related activities.  On the bright side, I have a kick ass garden and a very relaxing back yard with tons of flowers, birds, and trees.

On another bright note, I’ll be getting married this fall and going on a sweet honeymoon afterwards to somewhere tropical.  I’m using most of my PTO on this which I’m certainly not complaining about.   That leaves me with only 3-4 PTO days that I can burn between now and mid fall.  However, the real issue is that I can’t even fucking use them!  This is due to our department being woefully understaffed, again.  That leaves me with being a true weekend warrior this year, not even able to use my remaining PTO.  So, fuck my job.

The thing that sucks about not even being able to take a god damn 3 day weekend all summer is that it really constricts the geographic area that I can reasonably consider for a trip.  I mean, I can drive 4-5 hours to a trailhead Friday right after work, hike for two days and drive back 48 hours later, but that sucks to be honest.  Its too rushed.  If its too rushed what’s the fucking point?  Trips are for my own health and enjoyment to put it in the most simple terms.  I’m thinking my plans this year are going to be trips that max out at 3 hour drive times, possibly more day hikes (barf), and more river snorkeling.

As always, I post way more on instagram, so go to the bottom of the page and follow if you want to see my photography.


  1. I just noticed your post. Catching up with .my website, forums, and bloggers I enjoy reading.

    I feel the pain about work stealing time. And the long drives to max out a precious weekend. It is why I quit.

    I don’t know what your day job may be, but there are other options. Perhaps negotiate for comp time if possible during the week? Having no vacation is not sustainable. Good luck!


  2. Reading your blog from your r/UL name, enjoying it quite a bit so far! I also suffer from PF, but I’ve taken the opposite route to barefooting and minimalist shoes. Idea is to strengthen the muscles and tendons in the foot by using them, and I’ve found resounding success. Figured I’d mention it in case you ever want to look into it.

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