Consider Supporting .douchepacker. on Patreon and Get Entered to Win a Shitty Prize

If you’ve found my blog funny, useful, informative, or infuriatingly annoying, consider dropping a dollar into my hat on Patreon.  I plan to break even and use any extra cash to buy more space, as my blog grows.  I haven’t been a fan of adding ads or amazon links so this seems like a natural fit for me.  Any ad you may see is put there by wordpress and I gain nothing for it.  You can give if you find value and if you don’t no worries.

To sweeten the deal I’m gonna have a giveaway at the end of the month.  If you give $1 at the “Junior Douche” level you’ll be entered to win a cool prize (It’s a surprise worth around $10).   Thanks for the consideration and keep enjoying the blog!

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