Bernie’s Done and I had Groin Surgery

I have to admit its been a tough week for .douchepacker.  My latest post about Jenkem flopped when Redditors failed to understand my humor.  I was eviscerated and humiliated publicly by people that somehow SERIOUSLY THOUGHT I WAS RECOMMENDING JENKEM.  I tried to play along, but lost some serious Reddit Comment Karma in the process.  That’s what really hurt cause I spent weeks building up levels of Karma most new users can only dream of.   People that knew few facts about Copa Wine, marijuana, and jenkem were basically just disappointed that I failed to deliver in the usual manner.  So to all the Haters:


Despite crushing it in my home state of Oregon, Bernie will certainly not get the nomination.  To top it off, yesterday I had surgery on my groin.  No physical activity for 7-10 days which means no hiking or much physical activity that involves walking/groin movement.  I had to drive 5 blocks to get take-out which is embarrassing.

Luckily this weekend I’ll be taking a Wilderness First Aid course to keep me occupied for the weekend.  Aside from an occasional CPR course for old jobs, I haven’t had any training in Wilderness First Aid since the mid 90’s as a boy scout.  Due to a number of incidents/close calls over the past year its high time I learn some new skills.  I’ve refined and beefed up my first aid kid beyond moleskin and bandaids.  I also carry a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) when I’ll be out of cell range.

It’ll be awhile before I have a decent trip report up, next trip will be over Memorial Day weekend, destination unknown.  I’ll drop in after my WFA class and let you know if it was shit or not.  It’d better be good cause its costing me $250 for class/meals/camp spot.

Until then:






  1. I love your blog. I came here from the Reddits and laughed out loud reading about your failure to sell Jenkem over there. I remember you posting that article and reading the Jenkem part in discust. There seems too be a large portion of ‘gram weenies’ who couldn’t be bothered to chuckle. Very stuffy. One of the reasons I’m not a subscriber to r/ultralight and will not be re-upping my BPL subscription.

    Thanks for the laughs and the honest content. Come to New Zealand and do a section of the Te Araroa with me.



    1. Hey thanks for the kind words! I agree that some in the UL crowd don’t seem to have enough fun, like they have sticks in their asses for some reason. Its a shame about BPL, I’ve thought about not renewing my subscription either. I’ll hit you up if I ever make to to NZ! Thanks for reading my blog!


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